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Traditional Witch Pendant

Handmade in jewellery grade pewter by Green Man and Gatekeeper
Based on the earliest known depiction of a witch riding a broomstick,
found in a 15th century manuscript illumination.

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A figue of a witch fying on a broomstick, solid metal.

Flying Witch

Figure of an older which, holding a brood stick.
Witch with Broom £14.00
The origins of the traditional image of the witch, with her pointed hat and broom, are lost in the mists of time.

In modern times it is in children’
s stories that they can most often be found depicted in this fashion, however, it remains a favorite image among many present day Wiccans and Witches.

Historically, Witches are depicted in medieval illumination riding on brooms and pointed - brimmed hats are known to have been associated with ritual and magic since the bronze age.
A cat with a witch's hat, solid metal figure,
Witch's cat in a witches hat lying down, cast in metal.
A cat stining on a magic book. Metal figure.
Witch's Cat
Witch's Cat Resting
Spell Book Cat

Witch’s Hat Pendant

Handmade in jewellery grade pewter by Green Man and Gatekeeper

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Brooch based on a picture from a medieval manuscript.
Pendant of a medieval witch.
Flying Witches inspired by a 15th century
French medieval manuscript illumination.

Flying Witch Brooch

Flying Witch Pendant

Green Man and the Gatekeeper
Taurus Crafts, The Old Park, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 6BU