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The Ancient Egyptian Tarot Deck and Handbook - new 2022 edition.

It is traditionally accepted that the Tarot originated in Egypt. Certainly, ancient Egyptian symbolism has inspired Tarot designers for hundreds of years, and today decks use ‘conventional’ Tarot imagery whose roots are undeniably Egyptian. In this beautiful reworking of the Tarot, author and artist Clive Barrett has come full circle, returning the Tarot to the land of its ancestors.

The accompanying book gives one of the fullest yet most concise histories of the Tarot ever written, complete instructions on how to use the deck of 78 cards, and background information about the characters and scenes depicted on each. Following the arrangement of ‘traditional’ Tarots, The Ancient Egyptian Tarot is compatible with most standard decks and instruction books making this an ideal pack for anybody who wants to learn about Tarot for the first time, and a special treat for Tarot enthusiasts around the world.

Book siize (approximately)  14 x 21.5 cm., 162 pages.

The cards are 80 x 120mm. Roughly 3.15 x 4.75 inches. They are factory shrink wrapped and boxed as a deck for the first time.

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