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Visit us in the Forest of Dean

Our Online Shop features items that we design and make ourselves - Folklore Figures - Tarot Cards - Greetings Cards - etc.

Our Secret Gift Shop in the Forest of Dean has other things we make that are not listed here - Masks - Bags - Pouches - T-shirts - etc.

We also stock a choice selection of Essential Oils - Incense - Charcoal Disks - Incense Sticks and Cones - Backflow Cones - Burners - Crystals - Tumble Stones - Crystal and other Jewellery - Pendants - Rings - Viking/Celtic/Pagan Bronze Jewellery - Tarot and Divination Cards - Beeswax - Sealing Wax - and a limited quantity of drawing essentials. 

Also Books on subjects we find interesting.


Wooden Figures
Three Mari Lwyds
Pewter Titchy Witches
Mari Lwyd
Wooden Figure
Thor and Sif
White Metal Green Man
Ceramic Monk
Leather Witch
Leather Morris Dancer
Wooden Figures
White Metal Figures